Choose from a wide range of permanent or reusable quality name badges for staff and events from the UK number one name badge manufacturer. Discover our wide range of professional, quality name badges, including event badges, conference badges, customer facing permanent badges and our reusable Selfit® name badges that are perfect for events, conference and temporary staff. Design your own personalised badges using our ONLINE badge designer !
PDC BIG is the world leader in wristband Identification and has been for more than 50 years. We offer the largest selection of wristband materials, colours and styles with endless customisation capabilities
We understand your needs and offer a wide range of lanyards ideal for businesses and events of all sizes. We offer plain and fully customisable lanyards. Whether you use lanyards to secure ID cards, or offer them as promotional gifts, we have the lanyard for you! Use our online designer tool to customise. Eco-conscious? Take a look at our bamboo lanyards.
Badge & ID Card Holders
We offer quality holders to protect and carry an ID badge or card. They are available in flexible vinyl, rigid plastic and more. You could also create custom badge holders featuring logos and text. We manufacture the majority of our badge holders, ensuring consistent quality. Suitable as conference badge holders or ID badge holders.
Badge Reels
Our Badge Reels are a popular way to keep attached badge or ID card easily accessible. Retractable cords make it easy to access your card. They are available in Multiple styles, colors and end fitting. Our Badge Reels can be customized to feature your customer’s logo, text or other graphics.