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5 reasons why to use name badges

By PDC BIG 8 January 2019

PDC BIG have been supplying name badges to leading retailers, finance, events, healthcare and leisure companies for nearly 30 years. Here are 5 of the biggest reasons that organisations and companies should use name badges.

1. Increase customer satisfaction Research tells us that staff name badges increases customer satisfaction and make staff more accountable. If your employees are wearing name badges, they are instantly identified as being available to help. Customers are more likely to ask questions and seek advice from people wearing name badges, as they immediately know that the person wearing the badge is there to offer assistance.

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2. Create a great first impression If your employees do not wear a uniform, a name badge is a great way to promote your brand to your customers, and ensures that your employees create a great first impression. You can also include useful information on your badges such as telling your customers which languages are spoken.

3. Inclusion and interaction Wearing name badges helps employees feel part of a team, they will feel proud to be part of your organisation, and to promote your brand. Name badges are also a great way to identify your staff internally, so when you have a new starter no one will forget their name, and it is easier for staff to interact with one another.

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Image result for promote 4. Promote your brand Name badges are so important when it comes to maximising brand awareness. No other advertising or marketing tool will have the same impact as a name badge, which is worn directly on the front line, in view of your customers.
5. Safety and security Not only are name badges vital to identify your staff and visitors, but they also
play a key role in safety within the workplace, or at your event or club. If there is an issue or
emergency it is crucial to be able to easily identify your staff and for others to know who they can approach for information or advice. This is particularly important when you have a business environment such as a supermarket, or large event where customers and staff are mixed together. Additionally from a security point of view name badges can help identify unauthorised visitors from authorised members of staff. At a time when security is a key issue for businesses, there is no
better time to invest in ID cards and name badges for your staff. We can offer secure printing methods such as serial numbering and special holographic finishes to further increase security

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