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Make your events more sustainable

By PDC BIG 8 May 2019

Everyday we hear about being more eco-friendly and sustainable. No big surprise when we know 7 billion inhabitants withdraw what they need from the finite resources available to us all. A resolution that has no downsides and that everyone can participate in is to increase our diligence around sustainability.

PDC BIG Renews Made in Britain Accreditation

By PDC BIG 8 May 2019

Mark Alderman, PDC BIG UK and Ireland Regional Business Manager at the PDC BIG Ipswich Manufacturing Facility

5 reasons why to use name badges

By PDC BIG 8 January 2019

PDC BIG have been supplying name badges to leading retailers, finance, events, healthcare and leisure companies for nearly 30 years. Here are 5 of the biggest reasons that organisations and companies should use name badges.

PDC BIG Celebrates A Milestone Anniversary Spanning Three Decades Of Name Badge Manufacturing And Business Print In The UK

By PDC BIG 12 November 2018

London December 2018. PDC BIG is celebrating thirty years as a UK market leader for Name Badges with industry accolades, achievements and awards. During this time, it has enjoyed a trailblazing journey as a print, design and brand expert, leading the way with innovative and customer-focused solutions for companies of all sizes across all sectors.


By PDC BIG 14 February 2017

The PA Club, a fast-growing premier networking group and membership organisation handling over 60 international events a year uses PDC BIG’s award-winning re-usable Selfit® name badge system as part of its event organisation.

PDC BIG: a global leader in people ID

By PDC BIG 1 August 2014

PDC BIG is a global leader in people identification. We connect people, products, and technology through innovative ID solutions that deliver superior customer experiences worldwide. We are focused on quality and excellent customer service.

PDC combines with BIG and CIPI and becomes PDC BIG

By PDC BIG 21 October 2013

As part of Brady’s continuing effort to streamline our businesses, work more efficiently and get closer to our customers, PDC in Europe are combining with BIG France, BIG UK and CIPI Europe to form one company.