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Make your events more sustainable

By PDC BIG 8 May 2019

Everyday we hear about being more eco-friendly and sustainable. No big surprise when we know 7 billion inhabitants withdraw what they need from the finite resources available to us all. A resolution that has no downsides and that everyone can participate in is to increase our diligence around sustainability.

In the events and conferences environment, how can you put sustainability at the heart of everything you do? We take our environmental credentials seriously and have long recognised the vital importance of sustainability, not just in how we operate but also in the solutions we develop for our customers.

For many years we have been proud members of Sedex, a not for profit membership organisation dedicated to driving improvements in ethical and responsible business practices in global supply chains. We also put sustainability front and central when it comes to new product development. Whether it’s a reusable badge such as our chalkboard badges that you just wipe clean to re-use, or our range of lanyards made from both 100% recycled materials and sustainable bamboo, we aim to make it simple for you to makeyour events sustainable. If you have resolved to make your events greener then drop us a line and we’ll show you how.